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Song of The Night Owl tome2, the Face of Evil - Robert McCammon

Summary : The Carolinas, 1699. Rachel Howarth is guilty of witchcraft and condemned to die at the stake.This was decided by the judge Isaac Woodward after hearing the damning testimony of the inhabitants of the small village of Fount Royal.
But Matthew, the young judge's clerk, decides to conduct its own investigation. Bringing together the pieces of the truth, he soon realizes he has no choice but to defeat a malevolent force that witchcraft if he wants a chance to exonerate a virtuous woman ... and save citizens Fount Royal a terrible threat.

Edition : Bragelonne

My Opinion : After chronicled the first book, The Trial of the Witch, here , who had held me spellbound from beginning to end I quickly threw on the second volume, so to be able to hope to find the outcome of this investigation. Coverage strangely similar to that present in the first volume, except for a few changes, and fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the book I found.

The plot picks up or allowed, not wanting too spoiler so I will not go into details too.We quickly snapped up again by the investigation deepens more and more each page of which it is difficult to disentangle fact from fiction, the guilty innocent. The plot is more exciting, original and exciting and turning situations or twist leaves us speechless in front of such ingenuity. I devoured the pages for me to arrive as quickly as possible to the final outcome.

About the characters they are still as strong and as dense as in the first volume. The characters go through a range of emotions that the author transcribed faithfully and brilliantly from guilt to love through treachery or unspoken secrets that lead to black.Each character is gradually unveiling the pages for our delight.

The writing of the author is still fluid, controlled and dynamic. One would have thought that the investigation, strength, would become boring or that by false leads or situations reversals readers begin to get bored and yet it is just the opposite happens.With the pen of the author and to the global control of its intrigue the reader is not bored for a moment turning the pages with envy.

The universe is always consistent, documented and worked giving this New England some palpable existence whether in culture, religions, superstitions pushing villagers to hatred against the difference or medicine which at that time is still in its infancy and some cold treatments on the back. Note that this volume does not focus on the village and its people, the reader also discovering Amerindian and their culture.

It is difficult to locate this book that ranges from the investigation by Thriller, Fantasy witchcraft by her side and Roman History by his faithful description of a city of the New World in 1699, but I must say that I have taken great pleasure in read this story. I have just a minor complaint, but lightweight, the author offers some facilities in this volume by time.

In Summary : A second volume that comes close this investigation brilliantly through a gripping plot, dense that it is difficult to determine truth from falsehood, live and endearing characters and a prosperous and dynamic pen that you will, in my opinion , struggling to let go of this book.

My rating : 9/10

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